Web Design pointing finger

Beautiful & functional websites designed for humans...

I can take care of the whole process from concept to completion of the website for your business. Your website will have a Content Management System, so you can login and add to or edit any part of your website at any time. If you need something simple, one-page websites are a good solution, example here: web design for business example

Web Development pointing finger

Custom web programming for your needs...

No two businesses are the same, if you have a specific web related project in mind contact me and we can discuss how this can be achieved. Usually custom development involves connecting one web service to another. As an example of what can be done click the image below: web development for business graphic

Web Copy pointing finger

Copywriting for an online audience...

I can adapt your existing marketing material to make it suitable for your website.

Web Marketing pointing finger

Smart marketing means you'll never walk alone...

Getting noticed on the web usually takes effort. Unless you make the right moves, you are most likely similar to a retail store in the Simpson desert. My aim is to get you on Pitt Street Mall, without paying $9965 a square metre! Services include:
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Online advertising
  • Content creation (articles, images, videos, podcasts etc.)
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing

Web Images pointing finger

Images & animations optimised for the internet...

Your website will work best when the images have been optimised for web use. I have been working with tools such as Photoshop since the 90’s. I can create, edit or optimise: logos, photos, illustrations and animated images. Example of an animated image created from photos I took here: animated image example

Web Videos pointing finger

Get a professional video the easy way...

I have been creating professional videos for more than a decade. Complete videos services available, from filming to editing and upload to the web. See promo video here: Web video example link

Web Hosting pointing finger

Host your website on fast Australian servers...

Keeping your website online and secure can take a lot of work. I offer a full hosting service where uptime is guaranteed to be 99%, backups are done daily and security is constantly monitored. Plans are between $20 – $40 per month, depending on your requirements. web hosting for business graphic

Web Devices pointing finger

'The internet of things' for business is here...

If you need any device to talk to any thing, I can make it happen. The world is becoming more connected, and businesses are benefiting through better information about what is going on. Check out the temperature in my office by clicking on the image below! Temperature in my office - IoT example

Email Signatures pointing finger

Give your email signature some love...

If your email signature needs a professional touch to it, give me a call. Usually one template can be used across multiple staff. Example of my own here: webmail signatures for business

Project Management pointing finger

One point of contact to get it all done...

Managing a large scale web project can be a burdensome task. I can manage a team of contractors to get whatever you need completed, whilst you can focus on what you do best.