New Website

This is my new website to give information about my freelance services. I offer web based services for Australian and overseas, small to medium sized businesses.

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/ / /\ \ \___| | ___ ___  _ __ ___   ___ 
\ \/  \/ / _ \ |/ __/ _ \| '_ ` _ \ / _ \
 \  /\  /  __/ | (_| (_) | | | | | |  __/
  \/  \/ \___|_|\___\___/|_| |_| |_|\___|

The main types of businesses I can help are those who are looking to create a web presence, or those who are looking to build a larger web presence.

Why ‘shemethy’?

Back in the 90’s I used to hang out with three brothers and all their names ended in ‘y’. I decided to fit in I would also end my name in ‘y’, so Shem became Shemethy. One advantage of a made up name is that it is much easier to claim a unique username on the internet, eg.,, and so on.

About  this website

This website was created by me and is an example of what I can do for you. Please note that this site is by no means comprehensive and I have created many websites that look and work vastly different to this one. One thing I have ensured is that this website runs fast, I do this through a variety of ways. The most important is that I host it in Australia, this makes it faster to load for my customers who are in the land of marsupials.

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