Gmail 10 Years

Gmail has been with us for over 10 years can you believe!?

When I first started out it was invite only, someone had to send me an invite before I could sign up. Also of note, you got 2GB of storage, I remember at the time that was considered huge, now the standard is 15GB.

The web has changed quite a bit in that time, but the email experience has remained relatively unchanged, I wonder if we will still be using email in a similar way in another ten years from now, my guess is that we will be, things that ‘just work’ seem to stick around.

From a commercial standpoint, Google has already had me using their email system for 1/5th of my working life, and many others of course, so I guess you could say it’s working well for them.

After some digging around and URL hacks found the invitation email:

Gmail 2005 invite