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Gmail 10 Years

Gmail 2005 invite

Gmail has been with us for over 10 years can you believe!? When I first started out it was invite only, someone had to send me an invite before I could sign up. Also of note, you got 2GB of storage, I remember at the time that was considered huge, now the standard is 15GB. […]

About You Web Tool

About you tool screenshot

Free web tool that will list info the server can find about you. Find out the following about your device: IP address Hostname User agent Referrer Screen resolution Browser resolution Platform Language Also, it will let you know if Javascript / Java / Cookies are enabled. Access it HERE or click the screenshot: If you would […]

Sydney More Humid Than Adelaide?

Syd vs Adelaide example

I’ve heard it said many times, but is it true… “Adelaide heat is dry heat” and therefore not as uncomfortable as Sydney’s “humid heat“? So I thought I’d compare the two side by side, click the image below for the humidity showdown, and see for yourself what is happening right now! Measurements are taken from the […]